Alien Wire - LV Handcrafted Coils With Cotton Bacon Bits


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These coils are handcrafted with tender loving care. Finally you can have quality exotic coils from a company you trust, at an affordable price. Did we mention, they also come with Cotton Bacon? Supplies are limited, however we will have our noses to the grind stone to keep these in stock. If we run out, be sure to sign up for email alerts and be the first to know when they come back on the shelf!


  • Structure: 3x 26 AWG Core, 1x 34 AWG Wrap. (Multiple Core & Wrap Options)
  • Diameter of Hole: 3mm
  • K-A1 Core / SS 316L Wrap = ~ 0.27 ohms
  • N-80 Cores / SS 316L Wrap = ~ 0.22 ohms
  • SS 316L Cores / SS 316L Wrap = ~ 0.16 ohms
  • N-80 Cores / N-80 Wrap = ~ 0.20 ohms


  • 4pcs LV Alien Coils
  • 1x Cotton Bacon Bits (Contains 2x 5" strips)

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