Battery Testing Details & Equipment

These electronic tests in addition to comparative visual checks are conducted to verify to the best of our ability, the authenticity of the cells we receive. These electronic tests however are NOT conducted to test the limits of these cells. There are a handful of resources online which do however test cells to their limits, and if that information is what you seek then we suggest you seek out those entities.

We take a sample of each shipment of cells we receive, and run discharge tests at the cell’s rated CDR & below. We then compare our results against other tests conducted by independent entities such as Mooch on the ECR forum. If our tests are consistent with the stated specifications of the cells, as well as other independent testing, then we put them in stock on website for sale. If our testing shows that the cells are not consistent with the stated specifications and /or independent testing, then they are returned to the seller and are never offered for sale on our website.


West Mountain Radio CBA IV Pro computer battery analyzer, modified for low voltage drop

West Mountain Radio CBA A2 500W Amplifier, modified for low voltage drop

AMPROBE TMD90A Thermocouple type - K thermometer

Low-resistance cell clamping rig

Safety glasses, Fire resistant Lipo battery bag.

Innova 3220 Digital Multimeter



A WMR amplifier in between the CBA and the cell is used to handle 90% of the discharge current, while the CBA handles 10%. The voltage is checked at the load near the beginning, middle & end of the discharge to ensure the calibration for resistance is correct.

The cell is naked with wrapper removed so the thermocouple can be placed directly against the metal to sense temperature.

The thermocouple, plus 0.5” cable leading from the thermocouple are tightly Kapton-taped to the cell, halfway down the cell wall. Only the highest temperature per test is recorded.

The cell is placed in a fire resistant enclosure, with the top slightly open to allow excess heat to escape.

The cell holder is a non-conductive clamp. The CBA & amplifier have had the Power Pole connectors removed, and 12AWG solid core copper wires soldered to the CBA circuit board and amplifier circuit board to replace them. This is in an effort to achieve lower resistance between the CBA and the cell. The positive wire contact point is soldered to a 5.37mm diameter x 6.87mm length copper rod. The negative wire contact is soldered to a round copper plate, measuring 0.775" in diameter, and 0.0845" in thickness.

This is the configuration of testing and safety equipment we have chosen for our purposes, however please do not assume that these will be safe for you. We are merely sharing this for informational purposes, and are not condoning anyone at home to attempt discharge tests on their own batteries. Understand that if you do undertake such an endeavor, you do so at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any injuries that occur from anyone using this information correctly or incorrectly to conduct their own testing.