503 Pen Style Butane Jet Torch and Lighter

Starting At: $9.99 USD

503 Pen Style Butane Jet Torch and Lighter Bradenton Florida


Cartomizer and Atomizer Ohm Meter

Starting At: $14.75 USD

Cartomizer and Atomizer Ohm Meter with adapter RBA Rebuild Bradenton Florida


Ceramic Tweezers - Heat Resistant - Pointed Tip

Starting At: $4.99 USD

Optional protective tube available Great for tweaking your coil while firing  Replaceable tips Heat resistant up to 1300'C Tip diameter: 0.30±0.05mm


Coil Master 521 Mini Tab

Starting At: $18.99 USD

Driven by a single 18650 battery, Coil Master 521 mini Tab is a handy compact device for vapers. It allows users to use it as a build deck as well as to dry fire their coils down to 0.1 ohm. Reverse battery protection and short circuit protection are also built in for safety. Features – Ohm mete...


Four Piece 4" Jewelry Pliers

Starting At: $7.00 USD

INCLUDES ZIPPER CASE!!! Needle nose pliers with teeth Round nose cone pliers Rounded Cutting Pliers Angled nose flat pliers


Lightning Vapes Vape Towel

Starting At: $17.99 USD

Tired of using every paper towel in the house when rebuilding? We've got you covered! Our branded vape towel can help keep your hands, mods and tanks dry, and also serves as a placemat to catch snipped wire leads and discarded cotton, making cleaning up a breeze! Included clip allows clipping to ...


LV Complete Builder's Toolkit

Starting At: $49.99 USD

Lightning Vapes brings you the Complete Builder's Toolkit, all the necessities and luxuries required to build like a pro on the fly while keeping the form factor to a minimum. The compartment under the coil jig also allows for storage of misc RBA parts & a single 18650 battery. Also, there i...


Professional Heavy Duty Large Butane Gas Handheld Torch

Starting At: $16.99 USD

Reaches 3000℃ via its single extra large nozzle Palm sized (not pocket sized) - making it perfect as a tool for more serious home and lab projects Stores five times more butane gas and offers a lot longer runtime compared to pocket sized torches Locking Switch (Please note that the ignition bu...


Protective Clear Plastic Tube

Starting At: $7.00 USD

Protect your tools or specialty wire with this clear plastic protective tube.  Length: 5 1/4"  Diameter: 5/8" Inlcudes tube and 2 rubber end caps


The Twizer - Ceramic Tweezers + Atomizer & Coil Head Grip

Starting At: $6.99 USD

The Twizer is an innovation making ceramic tweezers to be even more useful! These nifty little buggers combine traditional ceramic tweezer tips, with a handle that is capable of gripping a 22mm atomizer, as well as a smaller grip for coil heads. We've all had that stubborn atomizer that tore up o...


Tobeco Coil Jig V2

Starting At: $8.49 USD

The Tobeco coil jig V2 is a great piece of hardware to give a sturdy platform to rebuild on, and help make perfectly round coils every time! zero dark coil jig


Ultimate Vape Toolkit

Starting At: $29.99 USD

INCLUDES: 1x Zipper Case 1x Round nose cone shaped pliers 1x Regular pointed nose pliers 1x High quality FLUSH round cutting pliers 1x Straight stainless steel tweezers 1x Curved stainless steel tweezers 1x Small cotton shears 1x Lightning Vapes Multi Screwdriver, with 4 flat & 4 phillips bi...