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Hohm Tech Hohm Base V3 - 4 Bay Smart Battery Charger

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Hohm Tech's Hohm Base 4 Bay Smart Battery Charger presents itself as one of the most sophisticated and intelligent battery chargers released thus far, with independent chips controlling each battery bay for incredible precision. The Hohm Base features a maximum battery capacity of up to four individual cells, with a two tier battery bridge that allows for more secure fitment in each groove for smaller batteries. Each bay is controlled by independent chips, with an ultra sophisticated four stage charge and discharge algorithm that maximizes both battery life as well as long term battery life. The Hohm Base has tremendous maximum output of 4A available in either a two bay, 2A per bay configuration or a four bay, 1A per bay configuration. The Hohm Base is also capable of repairing and reviving depleted and/or dying cells. The high visibility LCD Display neatly organizes relevant information such as Charge percentage, volts, mAh, and the cycle time. With near unparalleled sophistication and precision, Hohm Tech's Hohm Base 4 Bay Smart Battery Charger asserts itself as the premiere charging platform available on the market. 

Product Features:
  • 4 Bay Battery Charger
    • Each Bay is Individually Controlled by Independent Chips
      • Precision and Control
    • Automated Oscillation at 3 Charge Levels
      • 0.5A, 1.0A, and 2.0A
    • Compatible with Lithium Ion/LiFePO4/Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd Batteries
      • 21700/20700/26650/18650/18490/18350/AAA/AA/C/D
    • Two Tier Battery Bridge
      • Smaller Batteries Have Dedicated Groove in Each Bay
  • Maximum Charging Rates
    • Four Bays to 4.2V
      • 1A Each Bay
    • Two Bays to 4.2V
      • 2A Per Bay
    • Four Stage Charge/Discharge Algorithm
      • CC/CV/Oscillation/Micro Pulse
  • Battery Doctor
    • Repairs Depleted or Dying Battery Cells
    • 0V Activation Function
      • Wakes "Sleeping" Battery
  • Enhanced LCD Display
    • Displays Each Battery's Real Time Status
      • Charge%/Volts/mAh/Cycle Time
  • Intelligent Protection Suite
    • Battery Chemistry Stress Match
      • Charge at 0.5A, Discharge at 0.5A
      • Charge at 1.0A, Discharge at 1.0A
      • Charge at 2.0A, Hohm Base Initiates Battery Cycle Multiplier
        • Alleviates Excess Battery Stress to Retain Optimal Cycle Range
    • Auto Maintenance Charge if Battery Voltage Drops Below 0.02V
    • Buzzer Alarm Sounds with Irregularities and/or Battery Error
    • Over Charge/Over Time/Short Circuit/Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Fire Preventative ABS Housing

Product Includes:
  • One Hohm Base 4 Bay Smart Batter Charger
  • Power Cord
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card